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With DYMOLA Seaborg have streamlined conceptual reactor development

Seaborg is developing a floating nuclear power plant based on Molten Salt Reactor technology because of its compelling safety profile and technical opportunities. 

DYMOLA has helped Seaborg to streamline conceptual reactor development and provided a flexible modelling platform for complex multi-physics.

"Dymola has allowed us to rapidly implement flexible simulation capabilities for molten salt reactors that don’t exist in commercially available software." Explaines Timothy Ruscoe, Thermal Hydraulics Teamlead, Seaborg Technologies.

"Leveraging existing software libraries for nuclear reactor and conventional power plant simulation, along with our own in house development, we’re able to simulate complex multi-physics phenomena associated with advanced reactor technology."

"Based on the Transient Simulation Framework of Reconfigurable Modules (TRANSFORM) developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the USA (a library developed for use with Dymola), we have successfully benchmarked our simulation approach against experimental data from the molten salt reactor experiment that was built and operated in the 1960’s." Says Timothy Ruscoe.

"The same modelling approach is now applied to our own compact molten salt reactor design. The flexibility of Dymola means we can easily customise models to explore and optimise the design space around our reactor design" concludes Timothy Ruscoe.

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Cristoffer Hansson, CTO, Garia

About Seaborg Technologies

Seaborg were founded in Copenhagen in 2014 by a group of physicists who wanted to curb CO2 emissions and put an end to energy poverty. Since the outset, Seaborg has worked on commercializing a Molten Salt Reactor because of its compelling safety profile and technical opportunities. 

The image material is kindly provided by Seaborg.

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